3 Themes to Style Your Home This Christmas

3 Themes to Style Your Home This Christmas

The countdown to Christmas has well and truly begun, hence interior styling for the festive season needs to be in place! Christmas is accompanied with warm weather, massive grazing tables and long summer nights.

Are you feeling your tree could use a little refresh this holiday season? Have a look at a few of our Christmas interior ideas and let our chic trees/decor inspire you! Whether you want understated, rustic, glam, or totally over-the-top colourful, there's a style for you.

Let the Christmas spirit flow into your house after you have selected a particular interior theme. To help inspire you this year, we have three themes that bring out the festive season and are on trend - A Snowy White Christmas, a Rustic Dining Experience, and Luxe Décor!


A White Christmas

Frosted Christmas trees are extremely popular this season - a more natural tree covered with snow and white frost. The décor is up to you and you can achieve almost any look! We have gone for hints of tiffany blue baubles mixed with white and silver ornaments, to create a modern glam décor setting. Paired with our Vogue collection, the turquoise velvet material brings the whole look together, making the ornaments pop!

With a white style scheme you can add multiple layers of elements to make the room richer! Play with the texture, colour, shapes and metallics. Big candle holders can also be filled with ornaments, and wrap presents to complement the room’s colour scheme.


Rustic Charm 

If you want to bring rustic charm to your space this Christmas, the dining room is a great place to start! So how do you create an inviting rustic space? Let us show you how to style a dreamy festive rustic dining table.

Wooden furniture can transform the look of the room! A wooden table brings warmth to the room and keeps it inviting – making it the perfect spot to share a extravagant Christmas lunch with friends and family. But it’s important to play around with texture too, with some velvet chairs in various styles. We have gone for our khaki coloured Henry dining chairs to complement the rustic interior of the Ariel dining table.

Create a modern rustic lunch setting to impress your guests this Christmas. Mix and match with different textures for napkins and table runners – this adds to the rustic feel, works great with greenery, and provides a neutral base for all colours. Combine décor and food on the table with different layers which will add height and richness to the overall setting!


The Luxe Feel

Spread the festive feels with a living room that extenuates a luxurious feel. Take inspiration from our luxe Kelly couch that embodies elegance and class. The modern take on a twig style Christmas tree paired with metallic cream and golden decorations, adds to the luxe-ness of this particular look! Gift wrapping in gold and brown paper tied with a matte gold ribbon compliments the theme and other subtle hints of cream/champagne coloured décor finish the look.  

If you are wanting to go down a more traditional tree path, you can still achieve a modern interior setting by placing it with contemporary furniture. Our chocolate brown armchair, the Walter is paired with our Chelsea coffee/side tables to create a hint of mid-century glam – perfect for the festive season!

So either embrace traditional and classic décor or go with a contemporary and modern look –creativity is key! Take a little decorative risk and opt for an extravagant tree or stick to a minimalistic mindset with a simple twig tree. After all, who wouldn’t want to show off their styling with detailed Christmas decor? 

Thank you to everyone who entered our Christmas Styling Competition. We'd like to congratulate our winner Alana Arena.