1. How to care for your leather sofas?

    How to care for your leather sofas?

    Leather furniture looks great and can last for many years. However, many people are still fearful about purchasing leather furniture for their homes because they believe that it will be difficult or time-consuming to care for.

    Additionally, if you have small children or pets, you may worry that your leather furniture will become damaged. Fortunately, leather sofa care isn't actually what you think it is.

    In fact, leather furniture care isn't any harder than caring for furniture that has other types of upholstery. Here are some basic tips to help you keep your leather sofa looking great for years to come.


    The leather that is used to make leather sofas can vary in quality. That means that not every product that is made to clean leather is ideal for your

  2. Adding character to your home with eclectic and rustic furniture

    Adding character to your home with eclectic and rustic furniture

    Trying to create rustic style for your home? If you are a big fan of rustic décor, which also known as cottage or country, you know that this style requires that you use a variety of elements to create casual beauty. 

    It also gives your home a sense of charm and warmth. 

    If you’re looking for some ideas to update your home with rustic style, you’ve come to the right place! Here are a few ways to add character to your home with eclectic and rustic furniture. 


    When you are trying to find the right rustic furniture for your home, don't overdo it. You don't need to buy a million items. All you need to do is select specific pieces that make a statement. 

    Items like the Hugo Dini

  3. Declutter Your Home - Tips and Suggestions

    Declutter Your Home - Tips and Suggestions

    Do you need help with organising your home without the expensive cost of a professional organiser?

    Decluttering your home may make you feel overwhelmed or even anxious. However, things don't need to be as painful as you think they will be. In fact, there are several creative techniques that you can use to make the process easier.

    While there are really no secrets when it comes to decluttering your home, there are some ways to make the process more efficient. Here are our best tips to help you get your home organised this summer.

    Get Rid of One Item Every Day

    If you expect that it will take you days to clean up your home, consider starting slowly by finding one item to give away every day. Keeping up this practice overtime will dramatically reduce the build-up in your home and reduce your need for major clean up days due to the junk that has piled up.

    Make a List

    When you make

  4. Aesthetics: Furniture for Studio and Small Space Living

    Aesthetics: Furniture for Studio and Small Space Living

    Although small spaces often mean that the amount of furniture that will fit is very limited, such spaces are often times a lot more versatile than we initially think.

    In fact, there is a lot that you can do with a studio apartment or small space when it comes to creating an interesting aesthetic for your home. Whether you want to create a romantic, cosy, or modern space, functionality is a very important concept that you should follow.

    Therefore, every piece that you add to your space needs to be carefully chosen so that it is the right size and can be used in multiple ways, as needed.

    When it comes to interior design, small spaces do require you to think creatively. So feel free to get inspired by the design ideas that we’ve shared here! Here are our top recommendations to help you make the most of your small space with furniture.

    Multi-purpose Side Tables

    Side tables are a great way make the most of your small s

  5. Living Room mood lighting ideas

    Living Room mood lighting ideas

    It is well-known that you need adequate living room lighting in your home.There are so many interior design ideas for living room lighting, however, there are few things to consider before you decide which lighting options to purchase. To avoid surprises, you should understand what different types of lighting will do for your living room. 

    Whether you want to create a relaxing or romantic atmosphere, your choice of lighting will play a huge role in your ability to create the desired appeal that you want. Here are some interior design ideas for living room inspiration to help you select the best lighting to provide the functionality and aesthetic that you are going for.

    Use Floor Lamps in Living Rooms That Lack Natural Lighting


    For rooms that are mostly used during

  6. Must Have Homewares this Summer

    Must Have Homewares this Summer

    As you update your home for the summer, you may be ready to try out some new homewares to improve the look of your home. Changing the details of every room of your home including the furnishings, home décor, lighting, and rugs can completely change the atmosphere of your space.

    For this summer, there are some distinct trends that have emerged that are sure to spark your creativity. Here are the must have homewares in summer.



    Earthy Pastel Hue Rugs

    Beginning with the choices of Serenity and Rose Quartz for 2016, Pantone correctly identified the trends of pastels that will continue to be popular in 2017. While last year brought us spring colours, this year you should opt for this year’s trending colours to create a tailored look that is perfect for the summer.

  7. Furniture Design: Things you can do to transform your living room

    Furniture Design: Things you can do to transform your living room

    Many people that have smaller homes often are unsure how to make their homes seem relaxed and inviting when it comes to decorating. Just because you have limited space that doesn't mean that you can't make the most of it. Here are a few things you can do to transform your living room into the space that you've always wanted.

    Visualise Your Space

    When you aren't sure exactly how everything will turn out, it is important for you to decide how you want your room to look before you start buying furniture or moving items around. Using Pinterest, blogs, friends, and home décor stores like Koala Living can help you to find the inspiration that you need to choose living room decoration items for your home.

    Choose a New Sofa

    A sofa is an eye-catching focal point for any living room and sofas are available in a variety of different shapes and sizes that allow them to fit into a room in a variety

  8. Dressed to Impress - Decorating Your Home with Artistic Style

    Dressed to Impress - Decorating Your Home with Artistic Style

    When you have moved into your new home – you make sure that you get the perfect furniture that reflects your personality. You spend a good amount of time going through various styles, colours and fabrics to match with your interiors. From the living room to the washroom and kitchen to the bedrooms, you have everything laid out well for you and your family.

    However, you do feel that something is amiss. There are a few elements missing and you can’t seem to figure out what exactly they are. You can add splash, positive energy, vibrancy and elegance to your interiors with stylish and artistic decor.



    With the addition of decorative and aesthetically pleasing pieces to your living space – you can turn your interiors from something bland and boring to absolutely elegant and stylish atmosphere. That is the power of good and a

  9. Colour Palette - Choosing The Right Colour For The Right Season

    Colour Palette - Choosing The Right Colour For The Right Season

    We all are aware that colours play a significant role in our lives. Colours have the ability and power to impact our thinking, express ourselves and prompt us to take action.

    Colours are a powerful form of communication and they are an irreplaceable phenomenon.

    They can cause a soothing effect and irritate us as well. There are moments when they can increase or decrease our appetite. On the other hand, when they are employed in the right fashion – colours can create a positive and pleasant environment.

    In a similar way – colours create an impact when it comes to decorating your interiors. Whether it is your home or business – you can make your interiors stand out – when you choose to bring out your inner creativity and style through the medium of colours.

    To complement your interiors – right colour palette for the right seasons

  10. 8 Brilliant Tips to Buy Stylish Furniture Online

    8 Brilliant Tips to Buy Stylish Furniture Online

    Unlike offline shopping, online shopping not only saves your time and energy but also gives you a fair idea of all the available market prices. Apart from quickly presenting you with a wide array of choices and all the best deals, you can also find designer furniture and antiques online. Buying these will help you in making an impact, without burning a hole in your pocket. However, a thorough analysis is required to find the best furniture that caters to your needs at great discounts.

    Another important aspect to consider while buying furniture online is to understand and evaluate the return and refund policy of the site where you make your purchase. This is because, under rare circumstances, the furniture might not turn out the way you expected it to look like. Furthermore, there