How to Style a Luxe Halloween Dinner Party!

Gearing up to throw the most luxe and moody Halloween dinner party? If you have been fretting over achieving the perfect ‘feast for the eyes’ dinner table look, follow our tips to throw the most haunting dinner party ever!


Set the mood with furniture and decor

Imagine entering through a scary dimly-lit doorway only to be greeted by a cute pastel couch and a heart-shaped rug. The haunted effect went woosh? For the spooktacular look, you need Halloween themed styling, with a luxe twist! The party gets started right from the living room and continues as you progress to the dinner table. 

A monochromatic look will easily be able to provide a sense of Luxe Halloween. A rich, dark-hued couch complemented it with a similar rug would be ideal! Also take careful note of the centre table pieces as it’s necessary to match it up with the rest of the decor. 

Keep it simple with some dark toned/gothic decor, to achieve the ‘minimalist yet spooky’ effect. Black and silver decor pumpkins laid out on a marble coffee table subtly adds to the theme, as well as lanterns and large glass candle holders in the background. Crafty wine glasses and a sleek decanter add antiquity to the overall look. Pay close attention to the fine details!

For corners and as standalone decor, get grey, black, or silver leaf artificial plants to add that extra touch! DIY Hack: Black matte spray paint does wonders! 

Even your cushions might need a retouch. Match in sync or go contrast (maybe a rustic orange!) but make sure cushion covers do not break away from the dark colour palette of your Halloween decor. 



Gothic Dinner Table

For a ‘straight from graveyard’ table look, a luxe black dining table is the way to go. Pair it up with dark leather chairs. Usually, typical Halloween parties are all things orange and black. But if you are hosting a luxe dinner party exclusively for adults, skip the orange and bring in more dark, gloomy, and spooky. A dark, masculine wooden table with turned legs is the ultimate table to style with silver and black decor. To complement, silver bullet lined leather chairs with a statement hook at the back is quite reminiscent of the Addams Family era.



Table Linen

Lay the foundation of a luxe tablescape with a charcoal grey or white tablecloth that runs in contrast with the jet matt black wood table. Textured ones work better as they add more richness to the dinner setting. Complimenting napkins can be wrapped black lace ribbon - it's the attention to detail that completes the overall look.




Selecting the perfect centrepieces will ensure your set-up is instagrammable ready! Different levelled silver candlesticks add a gothic charm to the whole table. Pro tip: pre melt your candles for a worn-out droopy effect. Food and decor can be mixed together and displayed under cloches for a gothic grazing effect. Dark red roses and maroon goblets can add a subtle pop of colour and sophistication to the overall table. Lastly, mixing and matching with a combination of black and silver Halloween decor, will complete the look.  



Plate setting and cutlery

Mix a vintage look with dark rustiness when opting for plate setting options. Sleek black bowls/plates balance the ambiance, alongside webbed table mats and gold rustic cutlery. Supplement the look with a blood-ish cocktail, perfectly in sync with the Halloween fever. Pro tip: Get some dry ice to create a smoky magical effect brewing right in the cups. Finish the place setting with some dark deadly menus to portray the upcoming feast!



Trick Or Treat?

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