New Koala & Tree Store Now Open at Preston Homemaker Centre

10A/ 19-33 Murry Road, Preston Tel : 9988 2183

The furniture in your home gives it a soul and personality that you can be proud of. That's why it’s so important to take baby-steps when deciding on the next piece of shiny furniture to join you in your home.

We at Koala & Tree have furnished over half a million Australian homes since 2007 and have provided our customers with a great level of service. With a huge range of quality products, you’ll find styled pieces that suit pretty much any household interior. At Koala & Tree, we also like to give our customers plenty of options – with an additional selection of home décor pieces that are sure to spice up your home and make a huge difference to the environment you live in.

It’s the little details that make a huge difference, so we strive to give you that difference because we firmly believe that every home deserves it. It’s always been our pleasure translating the latest trends in design to quality, affordable furnishings and home accessories - all of which enhance the beauty and sophistication of the homes we live in.

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