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Top 5 interior design tips for 2017

Top 5 interior design tips for 2017

The new year is here and already we are starting to see some unique trends and interior design tips pop up that we haven’t seen before (or at least not recently). With the modern-classic trend,  Some of 2017’s interior design tips are said to be here to stay.

Here are the top 5 interior design tips for 2017 to help you get your home up to date with the latest interior design trends and make your space into something you truly love.



The first of our interior design tips for 2017 is to incorporate the colour Mushroom into your home interior. Mushroom is a colour that is warmer than grey but is cooler and more neutral than taupe. If your home features a rustic or traditional style this is the perfect colour to include in your decor.

In addition, mushroom doesn't only include one hue. You can try colours, such as ashen, ivory brown, patches, sauteed mushroom, pebble pathway and other hues that range from light dark. These hues are all perfect for a space that you want to keep simple and versatile without just going for stark white.

While these are exclusive shades offered only by select paint vendors, you can find options from any paint store.


2017 is the the year of creating a home that is all-round good for you. Trends are showing that people want a space where they can breath freely, relax and express mindfulness. Maybe even throwing a little yoga in there too.

People now want a home that they can appreciate with all 5 senses. This makes coming home and settling in after work or outdoor activities, a pleasurable experience.

Some trends include incorporating natural items that bring light and lift to the home. This includes installing terrariums, pots of vibrant coloured succulents, cacti, crystals and natural looking woods.

Additional trends that appeal to the 5 senses include using scents, bold colours and textures like velvet. Plants will continue to be of use in 2017, with terrariums featuring green plants, succulents, and cacti remaining in focus as the plants of choice for home interiors.


From the 1920’s to the 1990’s, nostalgia is in when it comes to home interiors. That means selecting furniture that looks distressed and utilises classic designs of yesteryear. Nostalgic furniture is a simple way to make a rooms interior truly pop and be an exciting  ice-breaker for your guests.

Additionally, this penchant for nostalgia is also showing up in fabrics, with luxury furniture incorporating more lush upholstery textures, such as velvet and leather.


Upholstered bedheads is a must-have item for your bedroom in 2017. Upholstered bedheads give a bedroom a luxurious and modern vintage feel. They are also very versatile and can add much needed detail to a otherwise plain room. Plus, they can add a romantic ambiance to the room

While they used to be only found in hotel rooms, these days an upholstered bedhead is the perfect way to make your bedroom seem more comfortable and luxurious.

If you are looking to create a sophisticated ambience for your bedroom, an upholstered bedhead really helps to bring the elements of your bedroom together by serving as a gorgeous focal point for your bedroom.


While open-plan living used to be what most homeowners aspired to, in 2017  you can expect to see more private spaces. These private spaces are perfect for large families, people renting in share housing arrangements or modern offices. They are also perfect for creating little spaces to have some alone time and focus on you. Creating these spaces is easy to implement in the home or office.

Creating private spaces can be as simple as adding furniture items, such as room dividers and shelving to create different sections of rooms for different purposes.

It also means setting up your own little alcove in a corner of a room just for you to enjoy. Which may become an ideal spot for you to read a book, meditate or sip on some tea during your down time.

Whether you prefer a space to read and relax or just want some different options for each room of your home, private spaces are the way to do it.

6. Eco-Friendly Furniture

With the changes in mainstream media, showing the impact that we have on the environment. The trend of using environmentally-friendly sourced and manufactured furniture has risen in popularity.

People are paying a lot more attention to where their furniture is coming from and want to know the full story, so they can be assured it is ethically and sustainably produced.

Furniture that is sourced from sustainable forest plantations and holds the FSC certification is ideal. At Koala living, we use sustainably sourced wood from mango and elm wood. Our Eco-Friendly furniture is charming and  adds a gorgeous ambiance to any space you wish to place it in.

Our elm wood furniture ages gracefully over time. As time passes the wood gains a rich and deeper patina. This wood is perfect for both indoors and out being able to withstand the changes of the seasons.


For eco-friendly, luxury interiors in 2017 – get in touch with Koala Living today!

Let us help you create gorgeous and refreshing spaces throughout your home or business.

If you have any questions related to interior design tips for 2017, feel free to contact the team of Koala Living. Our experienced and professional furniture experts will be happy to assist you.

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