Boat 3D Art

A 3D canvas with an inner wood frame makes the Boat 3D Art a perfect addition to any bedroom or bathroom. The serene design is exciting and unique forward to chatting with you!

Ballerina Painting

Black and white art adds a touch of sophistication for your home. With a glossy finish and black frame, this Ballerina Painting works wonderfully on its own or as a series of images to display on a wall.

Gold Feather Painting

Bring some brightness to your dining room with a Gold Feather Painting. You can place it on a wall behind the dining room table or use it in the living room.

White Wall Flower

This gorgeous White Wall Flower Wall Art works well in a room featuring neutral colours. With just a hint of gold colour, this art offers a refined solution for a bare wall or one with wallpaper.

Colosseum Painting DC

Add some classic culture to your walls with this Colosseum Painting DC. The painting comes with a stylish black frame with gloss finish and offers a simple wall hanging system.

Union Hotel Clock

This vintage Union Hotel Clock has a glass face and offers a stunning look for your living room when paired with a neutral colour scheme. This clock also fits in perfectly in a room that features eclectic furniture and décor selections.

Kensington Clock

This large Kensington Clock has an antique metal finish and features white numbers that are visible from anywhere in the room. Thanks to its classic design, this clock works well in a living room or foyer of any modern or rustic style home.

Roman Clock

If you are looking for a colourful idea for your wall art, this Roman Clock is simply stunning. Featuring pastel colours on an antique finish, this clock accurately reflects this spring's Pantone colour palette to create an on-trend look for your living room or kitchen.

Open Cut Iron Clock


For a simple option for a wall decoration that will perfectly compliment your modern décor, this Open Cut Iron Clock will create an eye-catching focal point for the room. Hang it over a fireplace or on a wall behind a sofa so that it can been seen as soon as someone enters the room.

Sunburst Carved Mirror

This Sunburst Carved Mirror offers a stunning work of art and reflecting mirror all in one. Mirrors are often used by interior designs to open up a space that lacks windows or to reflect the natural light that enters from windows in the room. The circular shape also provides a unique look and sophisticated look for your living room or foyer.

Regal Window Mirror

If your room lacks a mirror, adding the Regal Window Mirror will provide the extra light that you are looking for. With a design that mimics the shape of a real window, with the right placement this mirror can look as nice as a real Palladian window.

Mossela Mirror 120cm by 120cm

Last but not least, the Mossela Mirror is a mirror and a work of art in one! Adding this brilliant design to your wall will provide a modern finish for your room. In addition, the unique design will reflect the light in more ways than you can imagine, especially with a chandelier or track lighting installed in your room. The large 1200x1200mm size means that it will large enough to fill the majority of any wall that you place it on.

Happy decorating!


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