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Living Room mood lighting ideas

Living Room mood lighting ideas

It is well-known that you need adequate living room lighting in your home.There are so many interior design ideas for living room lighting, however, there are few things to consider before you decide which lighting options to purchase. To avoid surprises, you should understand what different types of lighting will do for your living room. 

Whether you want to create a relaxing or romantic atmosphere, your choice of lighting will play a huge role in your ability to create the desired appeal that you want. Here are some interior design ideas for living room inspiration to help you select the best lighting to provide the functionality and aesthetic that you are going for.

Use Floor Lamps in Living Rooms That Lack Natural Lighting

For rooms that are mostly used during the daytime, natural light can provide the adequate lighting that you need. However, if your room is still pretty dark during the daytime because it faces away from the sun, a carefully placed floor lamp, such as the Pila Floor Lamp, can do the trick to light up those dark corners.

Some living rooms lack any windows at all and miss out entirely on natural light during the day. One of our interior design ideas for living room, is to combine floor lamps with your pendant and table lamps. This will help to achieve a beautiful bright ambience in the room. Thus providing you with a living space that you can enjoy using.

Supplement the Natural Light With Table Lamps

If your room receives a lot of natural light, you can use a combination of table lamps and pendant lights to create a warm and inviting atmosphere during the evening after the sun goes down. One of our effective interior design ideas for living room spaces that already have light but need a more spacious feel, is to add elements to the room that give an illusion of a larger space. To implement this in your living room, we recommend combining furniture, mirrors and table lamps that reflect the light. As a result, you will find that the room will look more spacious during both day and night.

The small size of the table lamps will provide just enough light at night-time while also ensuring that there aren’t any lighting fixtures in the room that rarely get used because they are never really needed. Some good options that work well to reflect the natural light in the daytime while providing adequate light at night-time, include the Chic Crystal Table Lamp and the Kristel Table Lamp.

For stunning options of decorative mirrors that you can add to your living room to reflect the light in your living room, see our range of mirrors here. When planning your living room interior design, try to place these mirrors adjacent to your table lamps to achieve maximum reflective light.

Choose Paint Colours Carefully 

The paint colours that you choose for your living room can have a major effect on the amount of light that is reflected around the room. As a general rule, white paint tends to amplify the most amount of light in the room while the darker colours tend to absorb the light.

If you want to control the amount of light that is in your room, you should enquire about your paint colour's light reflectance value (LRV). The LRV measures how much light a paint colour absorbs and reflects. In addition, the amount of sheen will also impact how much light enters into your space.

As a general rule of thumb for selecting paints if you want to achieve the best light reflection. You need to select a paint that has high-gloss or semi-gloss. This will give them a slight shine. Whereas, matte paint doesn’t offer as much reflectivity of the light in your living room.

Increase the Energy

If you want to increase the energy level for a room of your home, go for lighting that is eye-catching and delivers plenty of light overhead. A good option to achieve this is the Stella Chrome Pendant Light, which not only adds more light but also delivers a brilliant shine. Pendant lights also make great options if your goal is to create a sophisticated ambiance for your living room.

Go With Your Natural Preferences

If you are drawn to rich, warm colours or even traditional style décor, selecting lighting that mimics candlelight, such as theSerena Iron Pendant Light, is ideal for setting the mood in your home. However, if the style of your home is more modern or contemporary, using lamps with stylish coloured lampshades, such as the Molten Gold Lamp, will add personality while softening the effects of the light to create a moodier space. 

As you can see, lighting is quite complex and can have many different effects on your living room depending on the colour and style of the lighting, where the lighting is placed, and the intensity of the light bulbs themselves. As a result, it might be best to consider working with a lighting consultant, who will have the interior design ideas for living room mood lighting to help you achieve the results that you want for your home.

Do you need help with selecting living room furniture in Melbourne? Let the experts at Koala Living help you select the right living room lights for your home. Additionally, you can see our full range of luxurious and unique lighting options on our website. We have everything you need to light up your living space. For more interior design ideas for living room and the rest of your home see our blog where we post tips and tricks for creating inviting and stylish spaces.

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