Right off the bat – you must be wondering as to what is sustainable furniture. This kind of furniture is also referred as industrial or recycled furniture.

Presently, manufacturers are considering all aspects of the design and manufacturing process – in an effort to address the environmental impact of furniture products on the environment.

It takes into consideration the employment of recycled materials during the manufacturing process. In addition, the usage of the same furniture for disassembling and recycling purpose. The idea of sustainable furniture design is to create a closed-loop cycle. In order to avoid disposal in landfills – the closed-loop process intends to have all the materials and products perpetually recycled.

Based on the methods and materials used and also on different phases of their production – many of the products that we use in our daily life are designated as ‘organic’ and ‘green’. The word ‘organic’ alone is not everything to lookout for, when it comes to beautifying your home.

You will have to take a lot of things in to consideration like: the type of wood and its source, the finishes and materials used, and a FSC certification – Forest Stewardship Council.

Eco-friendly furniture made from mango and elm wood

At Koala Living, we carry amazing luxury furniture that is made out of eco-friendly mango and elm wood. They will certainly add a great sense of charm and elegance to any living space. At your home or office, they will create a beautiful ambience.

Extremely environmentally friendly is mango wood and it is typically produced on mango plantations. After any kind of fruit production, the trees are then, only harvested for wood. At roughly 20 years of age, the fruit production stops. Later, the harvested trees are immediately replanted.

Elm wood furniture offers amazing rustic design and a modern style to any living space. When elm wood ages, it gains a deeper, richer patina and it is more stable. After being exposed to all these elements – it is less likely to contract and expand with changes in the seasons.

At Koala Living, we have a wide range of furniture constructed out of mango and elm wood.

Mango Wood

For your living room:

  • Plazma Entertainment Unit
  • Safari Entertainment Unit
  • Safari Coffee Table
  • Swazi Coffee Table

For your dining room:

  • Rafiki Bench 
  • Monolith Bench
  • Safari Cabinet
  • Rafiki Dining Table
  • Rafiki Dining Cabinet
  • Monolith Dining Table
  • Monolith Dining Cabinet
  • Apolo Dining Cabinet
  • Safari Dining Table
  • Rustic Trolley
  • Belfast Bar Table
  • Charade Wine Cabinet

Elm Wood

Living Room:

  • Zodiac Bed Side Table
  • Maza Coffee Table

Dining Room:

  • Maza Bench Recycled Elm
  • Wine Cabinet Recycled Elm Wood
  • Maza Recycled Elm Side Board


  • Zodiac Bed Side Table
  • Kyoto King Bed
  • Kyoto Queen Bed

Chic, stylish and eco friendly living room furniture

When it comes to eco-friendly living room furniture, there is indeed a vast selection to choose from. Currently manufacturers, using green and renewable products, while also adhering to environmentally sustainable practices produce a wide variety of furniture like: leather sofas, accent chairs, hemp fabric sofas, couches, loveseats, ottomans and leather chairs.

You need to pay close attention to one aspect of eco-friendly furniture – find out whether they originate from certified tanneries. In order to minimize the carbon footprint in the manufacturing process, leather furniture should also be manufactured keeping that aspect in mind.

You have to make sure if the material is coming from subsistence farmers and whether it is processed locally – if you choose to purchase hemp products.

Eco-friendly furniture to beautify your outdoors

Enhance your leisure time and add beauty to your outdoors with green outdoor furniture. It also helps you connect with the nature. While purchasing eco-friendly outdoor furniture, you have to consider the materials and the practices used in manufacturing them. You also need to double check if they are certified and sustainable.

Furthermore, pay attention to the organic outdoor furniture you wish to pay for – whether it promotes forest management in a conscientious way. There are certain non-profit organizations that will make sure that the wood selected for manufacturing the furniture is appropriately managed for long duration conservation.

Choose wicker furniture for your outdoors. This way they will withstand tough weather conditions. Make sure it is hand-woven of 100 percent recyclable and non-toxic resin.

Elegant and eco-friendly furniture for your baby’s room

When it comes to the products that are used for their babies, every parent only wants the best. For any parent who wants to create the greenest and safest environment for the baby to sleep – the eco-friendly cribs are the first choice. You could also approach a manufacturer and get your baby furniture customised or constructed from eco-friendly wood.

From an early stage – lessons on environmental awareness are better. In promoting the same ideology, the eco-friendly bay furniture is a brilliant choice. Apart from eco-friendly furniture for your babies, some of the other things to consider are sustainable toys, organic clothing and environmentally friendly kids gear.

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